Check out all the details below. If you have further questions, please email us

We’d love to hear from you 🙂  

Check out all the details below. If you have further questions, please email us

We’d love to hear from you 🙂  

The Basics

Your Circle

Any person on a Motherhood journey who wants to connect with their self and other Mothers. This includes people who are currently pregnant or expecting, people who consider themselves new (or new again) to Motherhood and veteran mamas. If Mother is a part of who you are, then you belong here.

·       Stay in the loop – You simply sign up to receive our newsletter at the bottom of this page. This is the best way to receive updates and inspiration from us, as well as event invites and other perks 😊

·       Join our private online community – We also welcome you to join our private online community here. This is where you can meet, connect and support your MotherNation in real-time. We will post weekly videos and keep the conversation and affirmation buzzing.

·       Join a Circle – Go deeper with group of up to 7 other mamas ready and willing to support and hold each other accountable. You can complete this brief application. It won’t take more than 10 minutes.

Participating in a Circle unlocks many more goodies that we want to share with you. In addition to being introduced to your Circle, you will be invited to join a private online sub-group with your Circle and additional sub-groups based on your location, age of your children and applicable shared experiences. You will have access to our partner perk discount program, expert webinars and “Ask Me Anything” sessions as well as our virtual book club. Lastly, you will receive early invites and discounts to MotherNation events and sneak peeks at our swag. Get in here, mama.

All Circles happen virtually and are available to all mamas in the United States. Where possible, we do consider location when gathering Circles in case moms want to get together in-person. 

On the application form, we ask a number of questions related to your objectives for participating in a Circle as well as your preferences. We gather Circles based on these responses, including your location, age of your children and shared experiences (i.e., Mothers of Multiples, LGBT+, Mothers of Color). While we encourage everyone to connect with a diverse set of mamas, we will do our best to accommodate your requests in gathering your Circle. Please utilize the comment box in the application form if there are specific considerations you would like us to keep in mind.

We will be gathering Circles on a quarterly basis, but as the community grows, we hope to gather Circles more frequently so please help us spread the word and we can grow together!

There is no cost to staying in the loop by signing up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page.

The cost to join our private online community here is $10/month. 

If you join a Circle, in exchange for the benefits listed above, the cost is $999. Your credit card will not be charged until we have found your Circle. We have an installment plan available and if you have financial constraints, please email us to discuss an appropriate payment plan.

Mothers in America are struggling. This is especially true when compared to other developed countries. Once we gather together on the ground in Circles and in our online community, we will stay together and leverage our collective MotherNation muscle to demand changes to better support Mothers. We partner with advocacy organizations focusing on issues related to maternal mortality and near miss cases, perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, paid family leave and universal childcare. Please see the Our Values page for the spotlight on our current advocacy partner.

Our vision is that every Mother navigates their version of Motherhood with confidence. Every Mother. We strive to create an inclusive community and hope that is evident from our word choice to the content we distribute. If you don’t feel like you belong or don’t see yourself in MotherNation, we apologize and we want to know so we can do better – write us. Inclusivity is an ever evolving mission and we respect the expertise of our community in designing systems that support all of us.

We recognize that some Mothers are not be able to afford the fee to participate in Circles. In order to make MotherNation more accessible, we partner with employers and healthcare providers. We are also developing our social impact model in order to provide support to Mothers in all communities, as determined by them. Please email cait@mothernation.com with any thoughts, comments or ideas. 

Your Circle

While all Circles are guided by an expert coach during the 12-week journey, we designed Circles so all participants are accountable to and vulnerable with each other. True community care rooted in oneness. Safe within the bounds of the Declaration of Interdependence and with just enough intentional structure and support provided by your coach- you will find strength and comfort in each other.

Training in supportive listening will be provided and webinar modules that deep dive into relevant topics will be available online. We will remind you of the power within you, practice supportive listening and empathy skills together and provide resources for follow-up.

We will provide a discussion guide each month that aligns to the MotherNation monthly theme – which ranges from pleasure to money to environment. These will be topics that are important to maintaining self and raising children, but may not be easy to delve into on the playground. There will also be time during each Circle session to talk about anything your heart desires! In order for community care to happen, the only requirements are that everyone must observe the Declaration of Interdependence at all times and make an “ask” of the Circle. 

On average, moms devote about 20 hours over the 12-week journey focusing on this big and beautiful work. This includes attending your 1:1 coaching session, trainings and Circle meetings as well as reflection time in between meetings. You start the journey with a 30 minute 1:1 meeting with your coach to introduce yourselves and set your goals. Then, after our kickoff party and training, each Circle meets bi-weekly for 90 minutes for 12 weeks. We will provide a meeting structure and suggested norms to ensure Circles remain a productive and safe space, but each Circle  will otherwise define norms – including schedule. We consider preferred meeting times when gathering Circles to avoid scheduling conflicts. Typically, Circles meet at the same time (e.g., every other Wednesday @ 8pm). 

All 1:1 coaching sessions, trainings and Circles meet virtually by video conference. Your coach will provide all links and meeting invites.  Come and be as you are and, we promise, the magic happens on Zoom 🙂

We suggest that babies in arms are always welcome. Once you have crawlers, we leave it to each Circle to decide. Some Circles prefer to have some or all of the sessions be mamas-only. Others manage to maintain focus with crawlers.

You are free to ask any questions that are on your mind. A key gem of the Circles will be moms coming together to share experiences and resources. However, no advice- medical or otherwise- will be provided and all meetings implement a community-care model. Your Circle coach is not a healthcare provider and you should always call your healthcare provider with medical questions.

If you join a Circle that you don’t immediately connect with, we ask that you remain open to the diverse community and look for what you can learn from others. If, on the other hand, you feel judged or uncomfortable or notice that the Declaration of Interdependence is not being honored, please reach out to us. It is important to us that we maintain the integrity of our mission and that you are provided the support you expect.

Please don’t hesitate to email to us at hello@mothernation.com.