There is an acute & urgent need for employers to creatively invest in the

Mothers in America are isolated, anxious and leaving the workforce in unprecedented numbers. 


The increased likelihood of employee retention when companies reduce burnout.


Mothers who say stress from the pandemic has damaged their health

1 in 3

Mothers are considering downshifting or leaving the workforce. And 62% would rather quit than return to the office full-time.

MotherNation sets working mothers up for success - at home and in the office - so that mothers, their families and their employers can

Our Services

We closely collaborate with employers to design programming that meets the strategic objectives of the organization and the needs of individual moms. Our platform also offers these three core components:

Group Coaching

Technology-driven gathering of personalized micro-communities of Mothers. Facilitated by an expert coach, Circle members get and give support. 

Parenting Resources

Tools & Frameworks

Self-guided content that helps moms invest in their own well-being with individual goals and action plans for their personal, professional and/or parental growth.


Online Community

Moderated by trained community managers, Mothers build meaningful connections, share tactical advice and learn from experts.

Employer Benefits

MotherNation reduces costs and drives employee loyalty and productivity by fostering maternal well-being and efficiently creating inclusive spaces for working mothers.

Retain talent and cultivate inclusivity

Minimize attrition and healthcare costs

Improve communications, productivity and morale

Individual Behavior Change

Moms who join the MotherNation community report amazing improvement to their well-being:



Listen & communicate more effectively


Ask for help & feel more connection & belonging


Take better care of themselves & act with more confidence

work or office@2x


Cope with stress better

Are you ready to meaningfully support working moms in your organization?