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Your Circle will be a group of up to 8 Mothers holding space for each other. We will gather Circles based location, age of children and any shared experiences, like being a mom of multiples, a mom of color, a mom that works outside the home or a LGBTQ+ Mother. If it matters to you, it matters to us (and you can share it in your application).

The logistics? Your Circle will meet once a month for 12 months. During your monthly meeting, typically about two hours and usually at the same time every month, you’ll have a dedicated space to put yourself first. We’ll provide structured, expert trainings and self-reflection prompts around a monthly topic. Topics include identity, guilt, creativity and relationships. Tools for self-reflection will be designed by experts in coaching, positive psychology, and maternal well-being. And then, of course, there will be time to just… talk. Ask. Give. Reflect. Each Circle has the freedom to make the space what the group needs.

Ready to join the conversation, meet some mamas and invest in yourself?

$30/month or $300/year.

Motherhood is a sport.

Your Commitment

Show up for yourself and for your fellow mamas. Be present. Be kind. Do the big and beautiful work of investing in yourself. Sign and observe our Declaration of Interdependence to ensure the space is a safe and productive one. And commit to the Monthly Circle Meetings throughout the 12 month commitment.

Our Promise

We promise to create spaces online and offline where you can invest in yourself and support other Mothers. We will work every day for these spaces to be compassionate, liberating and productive. We promise to provide support you can see and tools you can USE.

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Two ways to pay: $300/year or $30/month with 12-month commitment.
Save 20% if you pay annually.

Let's Talk Benefits

Connect with up to 7 mamas, carefully matched with you based on your application

Meet monthly at live, professionally moderated, and hyper-personalized Circle Meetings 

Get support any time from your Circle through your private group chat in our Private Online Community

Get premium coaching tools rooted in positive psychology and designed for moms

Get trainings on supportive listening and communication skills

Attend exclusive quarterly workshops focused on maternal well-being

Exclusive MotherNation swag and Partner Perks

A note on MotherNation-ing during the COVID-19 Pandemic: 2020 Mothering is hardcore. We got you and we’re more determined than ever to get Mothers some support. For the time being, all Circles will be meeting virtually. We are currently gathering Circles quarterly. In the future, you can expect a choice between meeting your mamas online or in-person, but for now join us online. Questions? Shoot us a note at